Nose correction

Without surgery

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Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Are you tired of feeling like you have to camouflage your nose? “The 15-minute nose job” is an advanced treatment that provides aesthetic benefits and balance in the face without requiring an operating theatre and general anaesthesia. With the right use of skin fillers, it is possible to recreate results that were previously only achieved with the use of advanced surgical treatments. You will not regret such an “intervention” as this procedure, unlike surgery, is completely reversible.

nesekorreksjoner med botox lillestrom

What can’t a liquid nose job do?
Filler can’t reduce the size of the nose, but a straight and even nose can create the illusion of a smaller nose.

What happens during a non-surgical nose job?
During your consultation, your doctor will listen to your goals and explain what can be achieved.  The treatment itself typically takes less than 20 minutes.  Your doctor will apply topical numbing cream about 5 minutes beforehand.  The procedure itself is performed using multiple microdroplet injections.  The doctor places small amounts of filler in the radix (where the forehead slope meets the nasal bridge), dorsum (bridge), sidewalls, tip, columella (the tissue that separates the nostrils), and alars (nostrils), as needed to correct irregularities.  The most commonly requested corrections are increased tip definition and straightening of a dorsal hump.  As it’s injected, the filler is massaged and moulded to the desired contour.

What can you expect during recovery after a non-surgical nose job?There’s no downtime after a non-surgical nose job.  As far as side effects go, you’ll have mild swelling for up to two weeks, and maybe some redness or slight bruising that makeup can hide.  You should avoid pushing on, massaging, or applying pressure to your nose for the first week.

How soon will you see non-surgical nose job results?
You’ll see a difference right away and final results appear up to two weeks later, after the swelling has gone down.

How long does a non-surgical nose job last?

How long your results will last is hard to predict, because everyone’s body metabolizes fillers differently.  A good rule of thumb is that results will last at least 9-18 months.  The fillers we use can last up to two years in an ideal situation, but for some patients those fillers don’t last that long.  We’ve seen patients after three years who still have good results and on the other side of the spectrum are patients after three months who need to do it again.

Why choose ProDerma Scandinavia for your non-surgical nose job?

A non-surgical nose job is much less invasive than traditional rhinoplasty, but it’s not without risk.  Placement of fillers in the nose can have, in the worst case, significant complications such as ischemia due to a blocked blood vessel, necrosis (cell and tissue death) and blindness due to arterial occlusion (complete artery obstruction) and embolization (clot formation) of the filler.  Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a certified aesthetic doctor in order to be in absolutely safe hands.


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